Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Notes books

I was so busying thinking about how I was going to fly to LA for Anime expo this weekend that I forgot to update, so here is a quick update! I usually print on pre-made notebooks, but while cleaning the "studio" I stumbled upon some stacks of paper user for my book making project a while back. So i Decided to make some of my own. They don't look as perfect, but they include more different kinds of paper, and still feature my own art work. Maybe I will try selling these when I make them better. Here are some picture while you wait.

"Featuring kraft, light weight watercolour and lined paper"

"Some of the covers... well all of them I made 4"

"and on the back, promote when you can :D"

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rikit said...

why is designed capitalized and I is not. are you suppose to be iDesign

hahaha :-) have fun in L.A