Friday, June 18, 2010

Hand Made Bag

Some more old new, I decided to make my own tote bags just to try it out, I don't have high sewing skills, but i did it anyway. I sold most it the stuff below @ anime north, so until i make new stuff there wont be any more. The fabric used was linen which isn't too cheap, so i will try out newer options. The print i used on it was the elephant king, I was inspired by an Indian Rice bag.

"Raw raw raw ah ah ah... materials"

"The magical tool to put it all together"

"Tada, Thanks to those who picked up the bags"

I did my best, they aren't perfectly made and I hope they hold up to everyday use. These Bag were 100% hand printed and hand made. I had some left over fabric, too little to make a bag of so i made these little draw string pouches, with lino stamps of animals with glasses.


"Bear and Elephant"

"Love for all"


GOATZ said...

i love it, they're all so cute ;D
i wore your love-birds t-shirt tonight btw, i saw that it caught people's attention, so keep up the good work!

Y. said...

Holding that little cat bag in my hand right now.
I assume washing it with water and soap isn't a good idea..?
Hope to see more of your work`\o/
-especially those with cats`XD-

flora said...

I missed out on anime north this year... >< I hope you make more elephant king bags in the future. I think they look great and I'd love to have one!