Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Rage-ing sweaters

2 updates in one day! I must be crazy... I should space out these updates. I recently dropped off some one off sweaters for THE RAGE. These sweaters are second hand so they are unique in every way. If you are interested please go by the Kensington market in Toronto and drop by THE RAGE, they also carry some of my t-shirt designs if you like to pick one up, they have "dearly", "Love Birds", and the "shroom" shirt.

"if a t shirt isn't enough this sweater will warm your heart and body"

"NEW colour for Bill, do a smell a new tshirt colour?"

"singing squid sings on this purple sweater"

"this chick is sadly pinned down"

"some printing and some sewing for this elephant"

CANZINE late update

I had a great time @ CANzine I will post some picture of the zines I did later one. I didn't have a camera with me (duh) so here are some pics captured of my shirt and our table from blogTO link
the room we were in was away from the main crowd but it was nice and cozy (it got pretty warm after). I decorated the hall the the walls to try to get more people in the lovely room that had large window and lots of natural light. Thanks to every one who came by and picked up a shirt or a zine or both.

"partners in crime"

"wall worthy"