Thursday, December 06, 2007

Project book making

"Hand made goodness"

Recently I made some handmade books for sale, prices are under the image. The covers are hand painted by me and they have a gloss varnish finish. This set has 8o pages and are compose of 80lb water colour paper and brown Kraft paper. Stab bound with with wax linen threads.

"6x4 (sold)"




Here are some process shots I took while I was working

Thanks to everyone who got a book from me.


Lettie said...

omg the 4th one looks so cutte!!!!!!!!!!!

Lainey said...

you are nuts =o those are gorgeous

Lisa Tao said...

cant believe the 3rd one isnt sold yet ):
i like that one best.

and cant wait for my copy!!!

Dboy said...

too bad the camera couldn't capture the textures on these. just the touch makes it totally worth getting. MMMMMM. these are awesome!

Bobby Chiu said...

looks wonderful! I wish I had a copy hehehe... great stuff.