Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fierce and Inky

Sorry for the no update last week, I was busy with Anime North, here in my hometown Toronto. This is a concept to finish post on a new design, (not so new now) but will be going up on sale online soon, and could already be picked up at Funtion 13 and C1 art space. I'll be doing an anime con at Texas as well come this weekend, A-kon if you are into anime, and in Dallas Texas come find me @ artist ally.

I guess there is always an otaku in me.

"I had this idea of a inky face on a shirt :) faces make me happy"

"did some photoshop magic of combining some faces i liked and..."

"Presto! Newly printed shirts"

Like the forest Guardian, I hope to have it up on sale soon @ www.1percenttalent.com but for now pick it up @ Function13 which is located in Kensington Market, Toronto @ 156 Augusta Ave, or @ C1 art space


Jeannie said...

All the way in Texas! Wow, that'll be a new experience.

I really need to grab one of your shirts!

Hieng Tang said...

It's not too new haha,
its part of my yearly anime con run.

Lettie Lo said...

love this
favourite yet <3

Hyein Lee said...

I love the shirt! It is so cute. It's quite different from your other stuff :D
Now selling at Kensington Market!! Congratulations. I hope you sell lots!!