Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Felt and Yarn

I occasionally like to make crafts with my hands, and recently learned to crochet. I tried to learn in the past, but failed to understand the patterns. however, thanks to a friend its now clear as day! I had this kit on how to make a house for a year, and now it is made. :)

"A miniature house charm that i made after the big house"

"The parts that came with the kit minus the needle, not for beginners"

"The difference in size"

"The big house is also a handy pouch"

"for all the treasure in the world"


Hyein Lee said...

So very cute!
Such skills :D It's awesome that you took on crochet. I expect to see cute amigurumi from you. :D

liu liu said...

you are so creative man!!

GOATZ said...

wow okay i really like the zipper one, that's really cool. i think you should make more of those to sell to stores :D

Kathy said...

Oh, my goodness, I got this same kit and made it in green. I saw the little one at your booth this weekend at the Kon in Dallas... I like your work and asked about getting one of your t-shirts in a bigger size (and then bought a tote bag.) I love your idea of using the leftover yarn from this kit! :)