Thursday, May 13, 2010

Late Night Printing

In my effort to post more here are some pics i just took while i was printing a batch and shirts and stuff.

"the yellow and glow in the dark part takes 2 coats D:"

"The the blue part just makes me smile when its on, a 3 colour process for this shirt"

"Screen printing can be fun"

"These books came from the same screen as above! they look super"

"classic lino cut, nerdy bear"

"I liked the nerdy bear so much, i made a cat as well,"

"and a nerdy elephant, it wouldn't be Hieng without an elephant"


Chanp said...

niceee!! looks like its coming along well!
love the elephant and cat designs

Squeegees said...

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Jeannie Phan said...

I love checking out your new shirts. Those cuddly creatures are to die for.

Wendy said...

These are so cute, Hieng! Love the glasses.

GOATZ said...

wow these are super 8D