Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Forest Guardian

I am guilty of not posting stuff... again, but I've been hard @ work, expect some new designs going up online @ and possibly my etsy shop "hieng-made" sometime soon. Here is an idea from sketch to finish of one of the new shirts, "The Forest Guardian"

"Idea one (something furry with a big eye hiding in the shirt :D)"

"Idea 2 (decided on a green shirt, no horns?)"

"this is pretty much the final sketch before i drew it full scale, yes to the horns"

"Final shirt! I decided on light lines to POP it off the dark shirt colour"

"A little bonus! the yellow parts, glow in the dark!"

So that is that for now, I'm working on getting nicer photos for the shops, if you want to own this first, you can pick one up @ Function13 which is located in Kensington Market, Toronto @ 156 Augusta Ave, or @ C1 art space which is 44 Ossington, just north of queen west.

Or wait till it goes up online soon. More new designs to come, stay in tune.


GOATZ said...

congratz on making it into a shop! i want thiiis!!!

Lucina said...

this one looks yummy !!

vivian lai said...

i like glow in the dark!