Monday, October 10, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts, but here's a quick update. I made a new business card for 1%talent. It's been a while since i designed one so I'm a bit rusty, I also did it in a rush to send to the printers since I'm completely out of the old one.

"Front w/Selective UV coating"


Past Friday was also "Face It - A Portrait Show" By Harvey Chan, It was only on Friday and Saturday, so i think the show it over, the pieces were beautiful in person but here are some picture from the opening night. 

"Mr. Harvey Chan"

"some familiar faces"

"Peter with his Portrait by Harvey"

On the same night Magic Pony/Narwhal was also having an opening, "The world Turn Upside Down" by Lauchie Reid. More paintings, but different stuff. This show goes till November 7 so there still more time to check it out. Some pieces i liked.

Finally I've been busy preparing for NYAF, which is this weekend. My package of stuff is stuck at customs,  and sadly might be sent back. So I've been calling them almost non stop. wish me luck and hopefully all goes well and i'll see you this weekend.

"see you there :)"


Hyein Lee said...

Haha... I was at those shows too!
Have fun in New York. I hope everything gets sorted out. :D

Matthew Lau said...

love the business card hieng!!