Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago 2011

Pass weekend was The Renegade Craft Fair, Chicago. This year I finally got to walk around thanks to a friend who came by and helped me out by watching my table for me! The weather was great and there was a good turn out this year. I want to thank everyone who came out and supported handmade.

"why hello there, come buy some shirts"

This was my set up. I think I did pretty well, with the limited amount of stuff I could bring with me to the fair.

"under the tent"

It was sunny all weekend and very hot, I was lucky to get the less hot and shady side. Here are some pictures of other vendors. There were so many that i couldn't really see them all. I also tried to link the websites in the captions.

"The Small Object"

I really enjoy graphics by The Small Object, this bag was in front of their tent, I kind of regret not getting it now.

"Funny felt carrots and burgers"

I'm not too sure who made this but it was really cute and very well made. I'll update later when i find out.

"one Canoe two"

These coaster were really neat, they reminded me of home,

"Soda by Amy"

This beautiful town was made of ceramics by Soda, I enjoy all thing houses.
This was Liz Born and Sanya Glisic's tent. I really enjoy the sign they had, it was really eye catching. I wonder what it was made of.

"Lulu B's tent"
These guys (Lulu B's) were riding around the fair all weekend promoting their wine. They were on a fancy bike with colourful balloons behind them. They were hard to miss.

That is it for all the renegades I'm doing this year. Hopefully I'll be at it again next year. For more photos you can check out my flickr. Up next is Canzine, it'll be on Sunday, October 23. At 918 Bathurst Centre, 918 Bathurst St. from 1 – 7 pm

"Illustration by Hyein lee"


Hyein Lee said...

Hahaha... Thanks for putting up my poster! :D
Glad you had fun at the fair. It looks very interesting! I wish I could go to Chicago one day :D

liuliu said...

WOOOOOOOOOO so much cute ugly beauty in your work!