Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NYCC, Canzine, Nucleus oh my

"Ugly Dolls @ NYCC"

Hey there, Happy Wednesday! A lot has happened since I last posted! I went to NYCC but I was in the forgotten NYAF artist alley... why can't we all just be together?! That aside, due to complications, I didn't have all my stuff. I had a more limited amount than usual. I shared my table with Morico, she had some bags, cute crocheted items and some original art!

"Our bare but cool table"

We made the best of it and set up our table. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and got one of the new 1%talent featuring rounded corners and spot UV. Overall it, was a good trip and hope I could return to NY soon. 

"I'm running out!"

"Poster by Hyein Lee"
The past weekend was CANZINE 2011! It was super fun and it was at a new location! Personally I liked the old venue better. Even though we had our own tables, I was still beside Morico, thanks to everyone who came out!

"I'm a meatball!"

Finnally I have a piece in the Power In Numbers show online by Gallery Nucleus. It is on sale for $100 and a portion will be donated to WWF, the World Wildlife Foundation, not the World Wrestling Federation. Check it out, and while you're there, check out the other pieces. It's art for a good cause.

"Nucleus Gallery"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Strange Bird

Newest to the family that carry 1%talent shirts, is one strange bird. They are having an opening party tomorrow, (Friday the 14th) so if you're in the area (2515 W. North Ave, Chicago) you should check it out! There will be giveways and draws :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts, but here's a quick update. I made a new business card for 1%talent. It's been a while since i designed one so I'm a bit rusty, I also did it in a rush to send to the printers since I'm completely out of the old one.

"Front w/Selective UV coating"


Past Friday was also "Face It - A Portrait Show" By Harvey Chan, It was only on Friday and Saturday, so i think the show it over, the pieces were beautiful in person but here are some picture from the opening night. 

"Mr. Harvey Chan"

"some familiar faces"

"Peter with his Portrait by Harvey"

On the same night Magic Pony/Narwhal was also having an opening, "The world Turn Upside Down" by Lauchie Reid. More paintings, but different stuff. This show goes till November 7 so there still more time to check it out. Some pieces i liked.

Finally I've been busy preparing for NYAF, which is this weekend. My package of stuff is stuck at customs,  and sadly might be sent back. So I've been calling them almost non stop. wish me luck and hopefully all goes well and i'll see you this weekend.

"see you there :)"