Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Printed Moleskine Cahiers books

Before this blog dies again I better update it. so here are some books that Im starting to print on and selling them on my Etsy and hoping that they will fly. I haven't made a sale on Etsy yet so I don't know... I'll also be selling these @ NYAF anyways have a look and enjoy them.

"from the killer fish shirt i had"

"nerdy bear!"

"toms skin"


erika danusasmita said...

i love em!
are you selling them as a package?

vivian lai said...

i love them too!

i especially like tom's skin!
oh, my love for tom <3

Rebekka R. Dunlap said...

This is a great idea, the black scale/ tree/ water droplet one is my favorite.

rikit said...

"tom's skin" makes you sound like a psycho killer who skinned some poor chap named tom

it's my favourite of your screenprinted moleskines tho

i can see you didn't use any of those pictures u made me take for you.

Lettie Lo said...

i love the first one!! and the chicken is love

Lettie Lo said...

and the nerdy bear <3

Hieng Tang said...

I promise, tom was not hurt in the process.

Hieng Tang said...

Oh erika I'm selling them each separately