Thursday, September 03, 2009

Love Birds

Sorry for the lack of update i've been busy as a bee screen printing more shirts, and working on new designs. Most of my designs start as doodle like the one below. You can get this shirt on either on or on the etsy shop hieng-made (hahaha) of if you dont like waiting for shipping and such, it is also at the rage in the kensington market in Toronto. else wise I'll be selling this shirt and more @ NYAF Spet 25-27 and for a limited time there is 20% off @ type in "futile" for the promo

"1%talent 99% ideas!"

"Front view"

"sexy back"

"meet the artist..."

"all in the detail"


Lisa Tao said...

lawl nice kamen rider mask

GOATZ said...

omg i want super cute lovey t-shirt

Lettie Lo said...

haha cutee didnt disappoint

erikadanu said...

i have one and it's super cute!