Monday, December 04, 2006

Sky Blue


Wow.... I'm posting some school work. Well this is was our last interpretive assignment for the term. The assignment was to design a coffee cup sleeve for a airport coffee shop. The options was Jet Fuel, Red Eye and Sky blue I kinda like my process better but its only good for 8.5x11 print and we needed a bigger print, so I had to work bigger and Joe Morse first gave us the wrong format -_- The design is continuous and wraps around the cup ;D Almost done the first round... but still so much more work to do T_T


Andrew Shek said...

hey Hieng,

Good to see you made it into the Illustration prog at Sheridan.....i like your digital pieces, nice colour choices!

jO said...

omg...i would love that on my coffee sleeve! i wanna post that on my bedroom wall..cause its so...whats that word..."free"

jO said...

and the smell of gingerbread...what place does it take you to? ;P

Vivian Lai said...

i like this :D