Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays

Cafe Sketching

Well hope everyone is doing well and are in good spirits. Didn't do as much work as I wanted to but the point of the break is taking a break I guess, that man with the stripe scarf caught me drawing him :P and came and look haha if ur in the chinatown area in TO i think the Starbucks there is kinda neat to draw in, full of old people sometimes,

More Cafe Sketching(plus digicolours)

Well trying something new here, adding digicolours to some sketching :3 Ill try to do more of this... maybe I could get better @ it and itz good practice for Cging anyway AND drawing rite? :P

Happy Holidays, be safe, have fun


honjobs said...

at least you're doing work during the break. i haven't really picked up a pencil since the break started. good to ya. that's some great sketches, by the way. merry belated christmas and happy new year!

Jack Shepherd said...

Hieng!!! Your name sounds like Hyein. Nice I really like your last sketch, nice colours composition and lines.