Sunday, November 19, 2006

Slik Screening

Touched for the very fist time

Well well well, I have an an essay due on Tuesday and what do I have done? almost non of it -__- let hope I pass the course. Do u feel winter comming? Casue I think there was a little bit of snow falling today

Well over the summer I started learning silk screening on my own since it cost too much to take a class. This was the first print I did, a fish on the back. I made a couple and tried to sell them on Queen street D: and well, not toooo successful there, since the day I went the street was almost empty for some reason... oh well.

Second Time with 2x the fun

CNexpo came around and I decided to make another design and sell them both to try make a little money. Not being to confident about the designs since they were my first, I whored them out for 10$. This one had another veriation with the same print but I liked this one better. After being printed it had a gritty texture that I also liked. It was because of my bad cleaning of the screen. I think I did quite well for the first time, sold enough shirts to feed myslef haha.

Third time, hope we keep this relationship alive

Well this is the lateest design I came up with. Still haven't been able to make the screen yet... being busy and procrastinating with almost everything -__- I donbt think Ill be selling shirt for $10 anymore.. $15 should be fine ;D hope to be selling more art coming year and upcomming conventions.

Maybe I need to take more risk in life to really figure out what I want to do when school is out...


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Sleepar said...

hey cool. they turned out lookin nice as vectors. XD

Anonymous said...

Heya Hang Ten,

welcome to the wall! I don't have your last name, if you could get that to me it'd be great.

Awesome shirt designs - especially the fish! cool animals too.

rey o

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Lisa Tao said...

i like the koi fish one, submit it to =O3