Sunday, November 26, 2006


BCE place

Well Another week has gone by and winter break is comming up soon... Should be looking forward to it, spending time with friends and the festive season, but instead Im more worried about looking for co-op. things like make a website... with nothing to put on it I donno how Im gonna start... well the pic above is a quick sketch I did @ BCE place on friday. Went downtown Toronto with Hyein and Jho, oh that them rite there, Jho's the dark figure sitting and Hyein standing.

Time is passing so quickly and maybe too quickly for me... sometime I feel like I remember back when I was in fundies and I had this mix of excitment and nervousness, was @ school ALL the time doing work, and going to extra classes just cause I felt like I must get into illustration! going to extra classes and working hard. now I find myself hardly working on anything -__- Sigh... what will I do with myself

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Letz said...

yeah i agree. seeing those fundies kids make me have a rush of inspiration. i was one of them. even first years who have so much anticipations and excitment to what end up being things that we have to do and not wad we want..............