Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crab King,

Happy Mon.. er Tuesday!  I've been busy trying to move and set up an actual work space, I'll have pictures after I get it all set up, in the mean time, NEW SHIRT DESIGN! yay! Just in time for a rainy winter. I call this one the Crab King, just cause I have a thing for things grand and mythical.
If you are wondering how I pick designs, they usually come from a doodle of an idea I liked in one of my sketchbooks. I wanted to do another design similar to the Elephant King, this drawing is about 3 inches tall, they always start small.

"I wanted it to be in the shape of a crown"

I then draw it, with ink and brushes, pens, and whatever, maybe even twigs. When I'm done the drawing, it gets scanned and some touch ups and alterations are done. After that, it's off to the studio to get the screen done and to print it.

"I changed the back legs after scanning it into the computer"

"washing out the screen"

Then after some printing and drying you have a fresh wearable shirt! You can now buy it @ 1%talent and if you are one of the first few online orders, I'll include a folded poster of the same print.

" You can now buy it @ 1%talent "

"details, details"

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