Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lost and not yet found

"Please help me get to my owner"

I was packing my orders and found that I have misplace a little piece of paper that the address was written on. With all the new technology we have at our hands, i chose the old fashion easy to lose piece of paper in a notepad :(  Anyways, you asked me to exchanged a size of a shirt from medium to large, but i had no larges left so you asked me to ship one back to you when i got back to Toronto, does this sound like you? if so please, please email me at so i could send out this package as soon as i can.


Hyein Lee said...

Sorry for the missing address... but such a cute packaging!

Efrain Farias said...

I contacted the artist who ordered this shirt :]] (i was with him and bought the elephant shirt too, we work together and I told him to contact you). It was funny because he was starting to get worried LOL--Thank you so much! This was very nice of you to do! he'll be contacting you shortly :]

Hieng Tang said...

Thanks a lot Efrain, I also was getting worried, hope you are enjoying you shirts!