Friday, June 12, 2009

Akon and Boston

I was Recently at Anime Boston and Akon (the anime convention) selling my wear and trying to promote I would like to give a huge thanks to anyone who came by the "shop" and if you haven't yet checked it out check out the online store :)

"Lainey took this pick too"


rikit said...

u look scary~~~~~~ u need more sleep


Cyprian said...


Sick '1%Talent' site btw. So clean, I could eat off of it! I think I want to do an overhaul on my site with the same style of code now!

Your designs are ace! You've really come a long way man. Hope you're doing well?

Hieng Tang said...

Hey, I hope your healthy! I wish i came up with that code! but not that talented, Im only 1%talent... hahaha

Never see you online when Im online. we'll chat some time if i ever catch you

Lettie Lo said...

haha its cyp hi cyp.

u do look kinda intimidating !

Oscar said...

dude! spell check your shit man!