Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Went Peeling with Jeff

Should have posted this when it was fresh, but better late than never right? Over the summer I took a silk screening workshop taught by Jeff Garcia to update my printing skills. I took it with Peter Chan and Lettie Lo, there was also a large group of other printers taking the workshop as well. It was great working with everyone, and I do recommend taking the course if you are interested in printing. Over the course of the workshop, we all created 2 Zines together as well as out individual projects. Here are the zines.

"It happened"


"The cover"

"This page has all our names on it"

"This is the page Peter is on, top middle was his"

"Top left is mine and bottom left is Lettie"


Alina Chau said...

Beautiful!! Great set of arts!!

Hyein Lee said...

Wow... beautiful work!


This was so fun!!!

Jan said...

sweet pictures!