Monday, June 09, 2008

The Factory

"Crazy school of fish"

"and some squiggly squids"

Darn another week past and the summer heat has suddenly creep up on everyone here. Here are some pics to show that I am working some what... I need to come up with some more designs D:


Lisa Tao said...

oooh love the fish =D
what is it printed on? t shirt?
trade me with my print D: or buttons D:

.. that are yet to be made!

Anonymous said...

hahahah ur expression and ur surroundings... hilarious! [post below] it just doesn't mix! lav ur designs!!! =D
hahahaha lisa's trying to barter with you!!!! hahahah

Jeremy Caudle said...

Glad to see you are working on more t-shirts. It was nice meeting you and seeing your work at A-Kon.

Lainey said...

ooooo new stuff!

Sergio Melero said...

Nice blog men!

I will come back XD!

twinight_rain said...

i bought a shirt from ax but it's too small, can i get an exchange? thank you.

Hieng Tang said...

Twinight_rain, might you be the same night rain who emailed me? I just emailed you back ealier, :)