Monday, March 05, 2007

Reading Week Sketchs

"I always feel sleepy on the transit"

Well, Reading is over and all I really did was draw and got my passport ready. This page is done over a few days as I rode the subways, street cars, and buses, Im pro pubblic transit, just wish it was a slight bit better. BUT at lease it is warm in there, sometime too warm... and wet... and... ugh

"Hot and Cute :O"

Anyways, these I also did over reading week, maybe Ill try to do more of these kinda enjoy them, and thats all for now ;D


irene said...

So red and wintry feeling :O I didn't do any DX

Letz said...

haha cutest :) try to thing more in terms of the whole silo-wet of the figure! push them a lil more graphically