Monday, February 19, 2007

Lunar New Year

"Happy Lunar New Year"

Do you celebrate the Lunar New Yr? I do, and well I guess it's become sort of a family tradition that I couldn't miss even if it is crunch week here @ school. I was planning to do some art for this post but I'm too busy, so you have here a pic I took today of a lion dance (My cousin is under the one closest to us)

The new year start out on new years eve, with pray @ home and a dinner. It has been a LONG time since we all sat @ the table together(me, mom, dad and bother) later that night we headed to my aunts and sat around and talked... well the adults did me my cousin and brother played Mario Cart DS. When it was closing in on Midnight, we he to the temple to pray. There were a lot of people there for the new year even if it was passed midnight. I never thought I'd have to push to get into a temple but that night I did, haha. So I reflected to see what I wanted for the new yr and decided just to ask for good luck, since I'm not religious, but it feels kinda lucky to do so, with the bell ringing I fell a little bit of peace, even if there was a massive amount of people in there, after that got my fortune form the tangerine tree. Not sure what it say so I'll tell you later. That's how I welcome the new year this year(last year we went to 4 different temples :O)

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone, hopefully Ill have some art up in a couple of day :D

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i like the picture :)