Thursday, January 18, 2007

Skull Print Warmer

"Sexy Hand ;D"

Well I just spent all night printing and sewing D: I was gonna print a Tshirt tonight with a new design, but I made it tooo big and it did fit on the screen -__- soo bright idea :D *ding* try to make the hand warmer you've been meaning to do to get a start on sewing, and well I think I did not too bad :P

(sorry for the bad pic, hard to take with one hand...)


Hyein Lee said...

An arm warmer!!
Very very cool.
Does it come in black too, Mr. Tang?

James Provost said...

pretty rad! i hope i can bust out the silkscreen again this summer.

HiengT said...

Of course it comes in different colours, silk screening kicks ass