Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Notes books

I was so busying thinking about how I was going to fly to LA for Anime expo this weekend that I forgot to update, so here is a quick update! I usually print on pre-made notebooks, but while cleaning the "studio" I stumbled upon some stacks of paper user for my book making project a while back. So i Decided to make some of my own. They don't look as perfect, but they include more different kinds of paper, and still feature my own art work. Maybe I will try selling these when I make them better. Here are some picture while you wait.

"Featuring kraft, light weight watercolour and lined paper"

"Some of the covers... well all of them I made 4"

"and on the back, promote when you can :D"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hand Made Bag

Some more old new, I decided to make my own tote bags just to try it out, I don't have high sewing skills, but i did it anyway. I sold most it the stuff below @ anime north, so until i make new stuff there wont be any more. The fabric used was linen which isn't too cheap, so i will try out newer options. The print i used on it was the elephant king, I was inspired by an Indian Rice bag.

"Raw raw raw ah ah ah... materials"

"The magical tool to put it all together"

"Tada, Thanks to those who picked up the bags"

I did my best, they aren't perfectly made and I hope they hold up to everyday use. These Bag were 100% hand printed and hand made. I had some left over fabric, too little to make a bag of so i made these little draw string pouches, with lino stamps of animals with glasses.


"Bear and Elephant"

"Love for all"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Elephant King

So some of you may already have this since I'm slow at updating (plus you could see it in other pictures on my blog). This is one of my new designs, The Elephant King, along with the concept sketch. Coming soon online, and already in shops.

Speaking of shops, some new shops to welcome to the family, there is Well and Good located 52 Mccaul street near OCAD in Toronto. Head to BlogTO for some more pictures of the shop. Another member is Mixed Media located on 174 James St N in Hamilton. They both are carrying some of my Shirts so drop by and take a look if you are in the area.

"The sketch"

"The Elephants King watches over all the elephants and keeps them safe."

"A crown on the back"

If you want to own this first, you can pick one up @Function13 which is located in Kensington Market, Toronto @ 156 Augusta Ave, or @ C1 art space which is 44 Ossington, just north of queen west, Or the 2 mentioned above. Well and Good and Mixed Media

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A-kon Texas

A-kon Dallas, I was there. This time i only had my cell phone to take pictures. I would like to thank all those that came out this weekend, those who picked stuff up, and those that stopped by and chatted me up even thought I don't really talk too much.

"even if my display is pretty similar each time i like to take a picture of it for the blog"

"I always enjoy good cosplays, but i don't always take picture of them."

"yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip these guys bring me much joy, it's one of those things i forgot about but remember again thanks to these cosplayers"

"If you don't know what they are, they are aliens from Sesame Street"

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Anime North

So here is a quick update on Anime North... Sorry no cosplay pics just my table. Thanks to everyone who came by crafter's corner and picked something up or even just to check out the table. Thanks to Peter Chan, I didn't have to post cellphone pics.

"My table set up, *note i did not have an alien hat, but sometimes wish I do"

"Cards and note books! and some little bag i made for other little stuff"

"maybe this face scared some people off"

"animals with glasses"

"please come again!"

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fierce and Inky

Sorry for the no update last week, I was busy with Anime North, here in my hometown Toronto. This is a concept to finish post on a new design, (not so new now) but will be going up on sale online soon, and could already be picked up at Funtion 13 and C1 art space. I'll be doing an anime con at Texas as well come this weekend, A-kon if you are into anime, and in Dallas Texas come find me @ artist ally.

I guess there is always an otaku in me.

"I had this idea of a inky face on a shirt :) faces make me happy"

"did some photoshop magic of combining some faces i liked and..."

"Presto! Newly printed shirts"

Like the forest Guardian, I hope to have it up on sale soon @ but for now pick it up @ Function13 which is located in Kensington Market, Toronto @ 156 Augusta Ave, or @ C1 art space