Wednesday, February 21, 2007


"He likes to wear socks"

So tonight did a collaboration with Elaina today, it's a pretty random subject matter too D:

Monday, February 19, 2007

Nigerian Email Fraud

"Husband - You must run"

"Oh no... not our house"

"Please help me"

Well as the title said these illustrations are for an Nigerian Email Fraud assignment, most of the email can be read here @ There you could find all sorts of scam emails, basically the reader is tricked into giving away money for a larger bonus at the end, and a sad story to gain sympathy.

Lunar New Year

"Happy Lunar New Year"

Do you celebrate the Lunar New Yr? I do, and well I guess it's become sort of a family tradition that I couldn't miss even if it is crunch week here @ school. I was planning to do some art for this post but I'm too busy, so you have here a pic I took today of a lion dance (My cousin is under the one closest to us)

The new year start out on new years eve, with pray @ home and a dinner. It has been a LONG time since we all sat @ the table together(me, mom, dad and bother) later that night we headed to my aunts and sat around and talked... well the adults did me my cousin and brother played Mario Cart DS. When it was closing in on Midnight, we he to the temple to pray. There were a lot of people there for the new year even if it was passed midnight. I never thought I'd have to push to get into a temple but that night I did, haha. So I reflected to see what I wanted for the new yr and decided just to ask for good luck, since I'm not religious, but it feels kinda lucky to do so, with the bell ringing I fell a little bit of peace, even if there was a massive amount of people in there, after that got my fortune form the tangerine tree. Not sure what it say so I'll tell you later. That's how I welcome the new year this year(last year we went to 4 different temples :O)

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone, hopefully Ill have some art up in a couple of day :D

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day...

"Go out and catch those hearts"

So today is Valentines Day, also was a snow day from school, man shoveling out was a pain XD lot of snow outside and so before today was over, did a quick sketch in opencanvas. I will try to do more of these quickies, so... MAYBE ill have a blog that a little more full.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

CD project

Wow, looking down on the page looks like all Ive posted was Emo stuff, and I guess maybe more emo stuff to go :P since Valentines day is JUST around the corner, and when I say corn I really mean tomorrow :O

"Spread it"

While we wait for it to come, here's the CD project we did in graphic design class, first semester.

"Post it up"

And this is the promotion poster that would have gone with if if the band were to be touring.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

White Out

"Its a really big wall"

Well i guess I should have took a before shot of the wall before it was white out in some areas, sadly most of my little paintings are gone D: oh well kinda expected that, lucky I took a pic of them, but only with my cell camera.

"How many are on the wall"

Well since it wasn't gonna last did these quick transfers and washes and I really liked how it turned out

"Find all 7 (I think) "

Theses are designs from my Shirts which could be bought from me :P

"4 of these for sure, find them :D"

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Collaboration Wall

"Stripy Robotic worm D:"

As some people may have heard already, there's a wall space that is up for people to draw on ;D but it filled up face and some parts are already gonna blocked out by the instructor (Julia) that set it up so that the drawing/painting can go on. Here I did that stripy worm thing with the skulls around it XD

"Whooa Metallic green"

Here... I don't really know what it is... kinda fish like.


Well this one I did today after class. Didn't know what I wanted to do but there was a big black area asking to be drawn on :D someone said it looked like a nipple.. :S

"Another fishy, but pink"

"It's could out... even for a robot"

Well last one I also did today some reason Ive felt like drawing these very simple robots. that all I've done on the wall, maybe when some parts are painted there will be more room to draw/paint on, maybe go back on Monday :D